Are you looking for an airport taxi in Bratislava?
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Our services for you in Bratislava:
  • Airport Transfer - from Bratislava to Vienna Airport

    We'd be happy to bring you from Bratislava to Vienna Airport and that already from 121.00 Euro! Of course, this service is also available for groups (up to 8 people). Ask us about a transfer right away Bratislava To Vienna-Schwechat Airport.

  • City trips – from Bratislava from exploring the city

    Of course we are happy to accompany you through the city Bratislava. City trips are part of our individual service and we are happy to support you in Bratislava to disposal.

  • Courier trips \/ errand trips – to or from Bratislava

    If a package, letter or even a person needs to be sent quickly and reliably Bratislava Be brought? Of course we also take care of courier trips for you! Hand over your goods to us and bring them reliably to the destination for you. An errand trip is always necessary when you need something quickly but cannot go to the local shop yourself Also here we are for you in Bratislava on the spot!

  • Short trips – once through Bratislava and back

    The short trip is straight in a big place like Bratislava relevant. Few streets can also be in Bratislava become an obstacle. We are in for you Bratislava on the spot - we would be happy to chauffeur you over short distances.

  • Group Transport – Group Taxi in Bratislava

    Thanks to our fleet of vehicles, we can enable you to travel in groups of up to 8 people. Travel comfortably as a group in a taxi. We have large-capacity taxis and buses for you in Bratislava.

taxi Bratislava - Your advantage:

Clearly: the price! We guarantee you the best price with the best service - because that has been our philosophy from the start.

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